In Hungary, many zoos also serve as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation stations, which provide refuge for injured, weakened or orphaned wildlife. Some of these institutions also serve as CITES rescue centers taking in seized and confiscated animals. The zoos involved in such activities not only provide shelter, but all-around veterinary care for the animals housed in their institutions. Subsequently, many of the members of our organization are also able to use their professional knowledge to aid in such activities and conservation in Hungary.

The institutions that are able to take-in and care for wildlife are listed below. Please note that the majority of these establishments accept and treat wild animals on a voluntary basis, and owing to their individual constraints, are entirely free to choose which species they are able to accept. The listed organizations do not accept domestic or exotic pet animals(either stray animals or unwanted pets) and we advise persons needing to place such animals to contact the local animal shelter! If a dead animal pertaining to the Hungarian wildlife fauna has been found, please contact the local National Park or municipalityand not the institutions listed below about further actions with the given specimen.

Professional veterinary care and housing until rehabilitation is possible at each of the establishments listed on our website. However, owing to institutional limitations and high patient load (1000+ individuals admitted per year in some), collection and transport of these animals is not feasible. You can help our work and conservation in Hungary by bringing injured, weakened or orphaned wildlife into one of our rescue centers. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail any of the establishments listed below!

The medical management and fate of the individuals admitted to the rescue centers is left entirely to the discretion of the professional treating them. Wildlife will only be released back into their natural habitat if deemed fit to survive in the wild by the attending veterinarian and will be done so exclusively by the staff at the given rescue center. If an individual cannot be returned to the wild owing to its injuries, an effort will be made by the rescue center housing the animal and the National Nature Conservation Authority to place the individual in a captive breeding program. The attending veterinarian must also make the decision whether or not a given individual in humanely euthanized if he/she believes, to the best of the professional knowledge, that an animal is suffering, has incurable disease or untreatable injuries. For legal reasons, wildlife admitted to rescue centers cannot be returned to or kept by non-professional individuals.


Bird rescue: diagnostics, rehabilitation and repatriation.

Endre Sós and Viktor Molnár, Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden



Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 6-12.
+36 1 273-4900
Accepts patients during visiting hours
Species taken in: Hungarian protected and strictly protected reptile, avian and mammalian species (i.e. Northern white-breasted hedgehog, red squirrel, bat species, Eurasian otter), red and yellow eared sliders

Budakeszi Wildlife Park
2092 Budakeszi, 0210/8 hrsz.
+36 23 451-783

ZOO Győr
9027 Győr, Kiskút liget
+36 96 618-367
Accepts patients from 7:30-closing
Species taken in: Hungarian wildlife, red and yellow-eared sliders

ZOO Jászberény
5100 Jászberény,Fémnyomó út 3.
Phone: +36 57 415-010
Accepts patients during visiting hours (9-16 in the winter, 9-19 in the summer)
Species taken in: Hungarian wildlife

ZOO Miskolc
3535 Miskolc, Csanyik-völgy
+36 46 332-121
Accepts patients during visiting hours (by appointment only
Species taken in: Hungarian avian species

Sóstó ZOO Nyíregyház
4431 Sóstófürdő Nyíregyháza
+36 42 479-702

ZOO Szeged
6725 Szeged, Cserepes sor 47.
Phone: +36 62 542-530

ZOO Veszprém
8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger u. 15-17.
+36 88 566-140

Székesfehérvár Bird Hospital
8000 Székesfehérvár, Takarodó u. 5.
Phone: 06-30-946-4991, 06-22-379-374, (30) 9924-876
Accepts patients between 10-17
Species taken in: Hungarian avian species

Őrségi National Park
Bechtold István Conservation Visitors Center
9730 Kőszeg, Arborétum u. 2
+36 94 563 174

Misina Wildlife and Animal Welfare Association
7691 Pécs-Somogy, Pajtás u. 18.
+ 72 337-035
Accepts patients from 8-16 (24 service entrance)
Species taken in: Hungarian wildlife

Sóstó Wildlife and Bird Rescue Center (Sóstó Wildlife Center)
Székesfehérvár 8000, Szárcsa u.
Phone: +36 70 526 2793

Szentendrei Kisállatkert
Szentendre 2000, Tegez utca
Phone: +36 70 516 0477